Hi, this site is where I have collected 5+ years experience and knowledge about the master cleanse diet.

To help you get started with the master cleanse I have collected the most frequently asked questions that I have heard over the last couple of years. On this site you will not only find those questions, but you will also find my answers to them. If there is any questions that you have, and that you cannot find the answer to in my FAQ, feel free to e-mail me and ask me directly.

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I’m constantly updating this FAQ with new information and new questions, so make sure to check out the FAQ before you email me your questions.

Some of the most common questions I get about the master cleanse is if it’s safe. Therefore, during 2015, I have expanded the FAQ section about safety and the master cleanse. I hope that you find my effort worthwhile.

Also, in an attempt to make things easier to digest and to understand I have added new images to the FAQ. This I hope will illustrate important point in a more precise and clear way. Over the coming months I’m also planning to add videos to the FAQ. If you have any special suggestions about what you would like to see explained even more in-depth, shoot me an email an let me know. I will also upload the videos to my YouTube channel.

Make sure to follow me on twitter and face book, where I will announce updates and improvements to the FAQ. I’m planning to update this FAQ for many years to come.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, you know where to look (hint; check out my contact page – you can find it in the top/primary menu on this site).

I’ve said it before, but I will say it again, if you have any questions about the master cleanse, send me an email and let me know, I read every email, and I will do my best to answer all your questions regarding the master cleanse.

-Christina R. Chapman